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A Bird's Eye View

As of August 2020 I'm excited to announce I can also offer #elevated #aerial #pole #photography for a variety of applications.

For real estate applications it's perfect as the typical ground level camera angle rarely provides the most attractive aspect for photographing your property; that's where elevated pole photography can step in!

Just a few metres of extra height can be ideal to simply achieve an attractive 'square-on' perspective as shown in the image above. It's widely thought that aerial photography is only of benefit to grand detached homes set in many acres of private land but even a humble terrace property can benefit from pole photographs as shown thanks to the improved aspect and ability to clear unattractive foreground elements such as parked cars and main roads.

Of course, it's also great to showcase a property's attractive rural surroundings or gardens where applicable like in the image above. For property marketing images such as these are so often the lead photograph and therefore of key importance so I'm offering this add-on service now at no extra cost to clients ordering a full property photography package for their home.

My system is fast and easy to use so I can offer this service at a very affordable price.

Aerial pole photography is also great for structural surveys in to roof, chimney and gutter condition and even for land boundary disputes. If you think my services could be of benefit to you lease visit for more information and get in contact today.

I'm based in the High Peak, Derbyshire, UK and can offer this service throughout Cheshire and the rest of North West England.

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