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Property Videos for Estate Agents

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Lets go through the keyhole! Here's a look back at some recent video tours shot for Gascoigne Halman, Taylor & Wood and Woodhall Properties.

In the advent of these changing times, the ongoing covid crisis and evolving marketing platforms there has never been a better time to start using my video tour services. I've been making property videos for over eight years so please contact me today if you'd like any advice.

From subtle and artistic through to highly informative walk-through video tours my movies can be tailored to suit the needs of home owners and estate agents alike. I work very hard on these productions to make sure my videos up-sell your property and realise a better return on investment for the home owner.

Would you like some great interior and exterior photos of your house? Find out more about my work as a property photographer here. Whether your an estate agent or private Airbnb owner I'm available for hire now. Second to none media at great prices all wrapped up in a friendly service.

Would you love a stunning video tour of your house? Then why not learn more about my property videos marketing services at the link.

My videos have improved greatly since these ones below were filmed, but here's a few interesting examples to check out:

'The Cedars' is set in a fantastic semi-rural location. To fully appreciate the property's setting the video focuses on the countryside approach up the long farm lane. So often a set of property photos alone can't sell the full qualities of a home's position. The old saying of 'location, location location' is critical to a home's value so this is a great reason on it's own to consider having a property video tour.

The sunshine has been very reclusive in late October so there was no option but to shoot Mottram Old Road on a stormy day. But who doesn't love a cosy cottage on a cold evening? The video takes you from the rainy exterior in to the warm embrace an open fire in the living room. Video tours bring to life that contrast to really sell a cosy property interior.

Whilst property exterior photos tend to look best on glorious sunny days, video virtual tours can also sell a house better in poor weather. Darker skies outside also reduces the contrast from windows on interior shots. This makes window pulls easier allowing rooms to looking lighter and brighter on video.

Living in the frequently rainy Manchester and the North West these are very useful plus points for videos!

People often have the misconception that 'premium videos' are the reserve of 'premium properties'... not true! You can always paint a better first impression of any property through great marketing. Proof's in the pudding... this home in Wythenshawe sold for £4,000 over the expected guide figure within one week.

Lets just say this stunning barn conversion sold very quickly and for over the asking price! Take the walk-through tour now.

I don't like to simply walking through a house with a camera in one sweep. This would make for a video that's very fast and easy to produce, but it makes less appealing to the buyer. These videos tend to be more boring to watch increasing bounce rates, and they also showcase all the property's bad corners as well as their best angles, and who wants that? Certainly not the home owner.

First impressions count, so I try to only show off a home's best angles, whilst also throwing in some arty shots using different lenses. It all helps to sell a lifestyle to a potential buyer or Airbnb tenant.

Properties in a premium price bracket located on the infamously busy & noisy A6 are notoriously hard to sell. This home sold relatively quickly and for a top price. The video tour gives a detailed walk-though which showcases the extra space on offer here with the home's integrated annex.

So what are you waiting for? Maximize your return and give me a call today!

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