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Video Marketing for Swift Garden Rooms

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Simply wow... these buildings certainly ain't no garden sheds! If you're looking for more living space without the hassle of moving house you must check out what my friends at Swift have to offer. This is quality without compromise.

Swiftorg are an award winning garden rooms design and build team based in South Manchester. Trusting in my work as a solo marketing agency, they kindly commissioned me to start production on a video marketing project for their business.

Combining my experience working in both the property market and corporate video promotion I was tasked with creating marketing materials for some of their recent garden room builds. This was in the form of testimonial promotional videos and property photography. Here's a quick look at the first commission filmed over the summer.

If you're interested in a promotional video for your business then please get in touch today.

A nice drive down to Buckinghamshire to film this one and I'm already missing the warm weather. A big thank you to Liz and her family who were so hospitable and patient, I even got some physio advice from Liz, which I am happy to report, has saved my season as a Sunday league footballer.

The family dog of course had to have a staring role; what can beat some cute puppy appeal for marketing purposes? Production began with their pet now written in to the script.

Lounge and kitchen open plan interior with blue and green furniture

Stepping inside this space and you are immediately hit by the quality of the build from the doors and floors right through to the light fittings and plasterwork. Clearly the designers and builders alike have put plenty of pride and care in to their jobs.

Besides the quality of finish the room size also puts most 'brick and mortar' properties to shame, I was almost left wondering why there wasn't a column in the middle of the room to help support the roof.

Swift garden room external property view

The building sits at the bottom of the owner's garden at the end of a lit garden path. Besides the main internal living area there's also extensive decking areas to the front and side, a fully covered jacuzzi area, shower and WC.

Lounge interior with view to garden through patio doors

With a view back to the main house and jacuzzi you feel like you're on a retreat away from your normal home life, indeed this structure would make a great Airbnb or holiday let in its own right!

Window and ceiling lighting close up detail with internal blinds

The window blinds are contained within the two layers of glass, a great feature which I hadn't seen before which looks fantastic but also cuts down on dusting.

Framed vodka wall artwork close up

Sliding patio doors with view through to alfresco jacuzzi area

Covered outdoor jacuzzi area integral to garden room

The owners can really enjoy this jacuzzi all year round in the UK thanks to the roof above. The pop-up speaker system completes the deal.

Lounge and open-plan seating area with wall-mounted TV

Many a Euro football match enjoyed on the big screen (apart from the England final of course).

Kitchen worktop detail with fridge, counter, draws and oven

The bar area at the end is frankly more like a fully fitted kitchen with a fridge, oven and sink all included. Let the parties begin.

Row of bar stool seating with strip lighting

Rather than simply dropping a building in the garden, every inch of available space has been utilised well with a great decking area utilising the free space to the far end of the building.

Outdoor sofa and table in the sunshine with garden shrubs

Please visit Swift Org Garden Rooms online if you're interested in their services. They are winners of Houzz's 'Best in Design' and 'Best in Service' 2022, and you can even see one of my promotional videos on their home page.

If you're looking for a pro property videographer or property photographer near you for your business or holiday rental then please do give me a call!

I promise a friendly, professional service for all of your needs from promotional video production through to business marketing. I currently operate throughout Manchester, Derbyshire, Cheshire and UK wide.

If you don't know me, please do check out my Reviews for peace of mind.

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Nov 02, 2021

Excellent promotional video, clear camera shots and brilliant edited to give a complete visual experience of the garden room and it’s facilities. This combines seamlessly with the first hand experience of the project by the client.

Nov 02, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!

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