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Pete & Kayleigh's Wedding in Bollington

Bride and groom kissing in woodland

So Pete and Kayleigh have been happily partnered up for many years and already have two beautiful kids; Alfie and Isabella. It's Friday the 3rd of June 2022 and finally time to 'tie the knot'!

It's a fantastic warm sunny day right from the off, befitting of this generous family. The venue for the entire day is Hollin House Hotel in Bollington. Read on for more!

P.S. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to view or download all 400 photos from the big day!

Father and son in ceremony hall doorway

Pete an Alfie check out the ceremony room shortly after arriving.

Victorian staircase inside Hollin House Hotel.

The stunning landing inside Hollin House Hotel leading up to Kayleigh's bridal suite.

Bride's daughter having hair done.

Isabella is very excited for the big day!

Bride having her hair done.

Mum gets her hair done.

Married couple look in to distance.

There's something on the horizon, I promise.

Girls looking out of window.

A break from hair and makeup.

Bride having her veil fitted.

It fits!

Bride's children and father smiling.

Isabella gets ready in the mirror.


Groom with groomsmen

The nervous wait.

Bride descends staircase carrying her young son.

The walk down to the ceremony hall.

Bride and groom holding hands at altar.

Bride and father walking down the isle together.

The giveaway.

Groom and bride piggyback.

Speeches at wedding ceremony.

Groom smiling at bride during the ceremony.

I see you.

Couple laughing during exchange of wedding rings.

This is no laughing matter!

Married couple leaving the ceremony room with their children.

Leaving together.

Married couple pouting in woodland setting.

Kissing fresh air.

Family signing registry.

Someone's bored.

Bride's daughter holding bouquet of flowers.

Bride and groom under a confetti shower.

Not the eyes please.

The entire wedding party posing for group shot.

News team assemble.

Wedding guest points to the sky in jovial mood.

Couple embracing.

Interior room at Hollin House Hotel.

Bride stares lovingly towards groom in countryside setting.

Kayleigh's table setting at the wedding breakfast.

Kid drinking juice whilst sat on a wall in sunshine.

Thirsty work.

Husband blown away by strong wind.

Why so windy in summer?

Kid with napkin on his head.

Old school sun block.

Groom giving his speech at the wedding breakfast.

The speeches.

Wedding guest leaning on table.

Married couple and their children fist bumping the air.

The full team.

Groom posing with his groomsmen.

Wedding guests wave to camera.

Thanks for coming :)

Married couple cut their wedding cake.

Happy couple posing together.

Pete and Kayleigh embrace during first dance.

Young girls dancing on wedding party dance floor.

The kids were the first to hit the dance floor.

Married couple embracing on the dancefloor.

Pete and Kayleigh pouting together.

Still kissing fresh air.

Wedding guests taking selfie.

Caught that selfie ;)

Guests drinking in the evening beer garden.

Married couple salute.

Cheers to the happy couple!

If you'd like to view / download the full set of wedding photos from Pete & Kayleigh's wedding, just follow the link below to my WeTransfer page:

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29 июл. 2022 г.

What superb wedding pictures, they really capture the happiness of the occasion.

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