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Creative Digital Media

If you are looking for a professional freelance photographer to hire for your event, or a cameraman to produce a cinematic video, I’d like to think you’ve come to the right place!


Capturing moments on film is my passion. I sincerely hope that shines through the photo and video examples on this website. Please grab a brew and stay a while to check everything out.

What Photo / Video Services do you Offer?

The simple answer is a wide range of professional photography and videography services! I love such a variety of creative challenges that there’s simply too much for me to summarise in one paragraph.


I first cut my teeth in the industry ten years ago, filming and photographing properties for estate agencies and still enjoy doing so to this day. Expanding on my camera interests, I’m now as happy snapping weddings, portraits and parties as I am producing promotional videos for businesses.


It was such a rewarding step when I first added people to my portfolio. We are such emotive subjects compared to houses, that this has really accelerated the passion for my work and has given a clear direction of growth as a photographer moving forward.


Let’s get in to some services at the links below…

Wedding Photo / Video Packages

The most popular occasion by far to use a photographer has to be for weddings and for good reason! It probably sounds cliché but I really do appreciate this special event in people’s lives and love capturing the wide range of emotions on your wedding day, whether it’s on film or in photos.

Weddings can be stressful to organise and wedding planners exist for a reason. Let’s plan all of your requirements in advance so you have one less thing to worry about at your wedding. I’m here to help and pride myself on being very friendly and approachable, so feel free to chat with me anytime. 

I offer affordable photographer package deals to suit a range of budgets, so if you like what you see on this website, please contact me for my best prices. 

Creative Property Video & Photography

From walk-through video tours to high-end interior photography, I’ve got the service for you. Whether you are advertising your home or hotel to sell or let, marketing it to its full potential is essential if you want to maximise your return on investment. 

Why do I Need Professional Property Marketing?

Properties are usually the most valuable thing you’ll ever own and by some distance too. If great images will help you get a better sale price for your mobile phone on eBay, why wouldn’t you do the same for your house?


I carry ten years of experience in the real estate industry, creating virtual tours of properties across Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire. I really understand property marketing techniques and invest a huge amount of time and care into my work, delivering exceptional media that is proven to get results. The services are great for private customers, Airbnb owners and estate agents alike, so please enquire today to hire me.

Business Promotional Media

It’s essential for any business to have a strong online presence these days. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so make sure the first videos or photos your clients see represents your brand, service and products to its full potential.

Why choose me for your Business?

Because there is value in hiring a solo creative marketing agency. Being a company of one has its perks over a larger production agency including lower cost, streamlined communication and working with one individual with total creative investment in your project. Carrying a masters in design engineering too, I’m comfortable understanding your business and its products rather than simply being ‘some artistic guy’. I’ll apply a structured methodical process to any project, to aid in the delivery of expert promotional media for your company.

More Video and Photo Packages

Last but by no means least, from parties through to portrait shots, there’s a few more photography services to check out below. If you’ve not already found what you’re looking for on this website, please contact me today, I’m versatile and ready to hire for most creative challenges.

How Much Do You Charge?

Well that’s a tricky question to answer in one, so I encourage you to get in touch for a no obligation quote.


I always quote the best prices I possibly can to my customers. As a very thorough and detail-oriented person, I’m not someone who is comfortable taking shortcuts. A lengthy editing time is essential for delivering a quality product, whether it’s in video or photo production. With all of that said, if you are looking for the very cheapest price, I might not be the guy for you, but my effective rate per hour will always be extremely competitive. Do it well or don’t bother at all is my business and life motto!


In terms of film production, it’s a complicated job when you start working with multiple lights, cameras, lenses and audio recording equipment… I’m sure you’ve noticed the number of people in the credits at the end of a movie? Well, one major advantage I have over a larger video production agency, is a low head count means a lower cost to you, but I promise this means zero compromise on the quality of product.


Working with a ‘company of one’ means clear communication, more efficient project control and lower prices to my clients. If you are looking for a professional, high-end service I’m ready for hire, so why not call me for a chat or no-obligation quote?

Are you Local?

Yes, that is a League of Gentlemen reference haha. I actually live near where the show was filmed in the Peak District, Derbyshire. I offer my creative services locally throughout Greater Manchester and the North West, but will travel throughout the UK, subject to cost. Essentially no distance is too near or too far from me, so do get in touch… there’s plenty of ‘new roads’ these days. I’m up for any adventure, be it in Great Britain or overseas.

Kind Words & Reviews

Customer satisfaction and great reviews are of paramount importance to me. I’d rather go above and beyond to exceed your expectations wherever possible for my own personal job satisfaction as much as yours. I’m not in this line of work simply to make a quick buck, even if the money does keep me in business.

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A Very Happy Client

" What an amazing experience and service from Chris. You couldn't ask for a better or more professional service. He took the time to make the video perfect in every sense and was always on hand to speak to if I needed. The results speak for themselves, a video that everyone in the industry is fighting to have reproduced for them. Chris as a person is incredibly flexible and approachable, willing to listen and create a real quality piece of work. I couldn't recommend more. Thank you "

Daniel Giblin, TAO Activities

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about my services for hire, please do contact me today and I’ll be ready and willing to chat. I pride myself on being very friendly and approachable. Check out my reviews if you need any additional reassurance.


Thanks for your enquiry!

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