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Wedding Photography Packages

From prices and planning through to posing for photos here you can find out everything you need to know about my luxury wedding photography service.

Book now if you’re looking for a stunning set of artistic wedding photos delivered in one comprehensive professional package. This is luxury wedding photography at affordable prices.

Bride and groom walk through confetti tunnel at wedding

Trust a professional photographer

I love what I do, but first and foremost, I’m dedicated to customer satisfaction. Believe it or not client satisfaction means just as much as the money to me. Please check out my growing list of great reviews if you haven’t already done so or read about me.

A member of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers I’ve been working as a photographer and film maker professionally in a variety of creative disciplines for over ten years. This wide range of industry experience and technical understanding inspires me to continuously push my creative boundaries. I’m always learning and want each photo or video to be better than my last. Why not challenge me with your creative vision and ideas?

If you’re actually looking for a wedding videographer then why not also check out my wedding videographer service.

Find out more about photography and videography in general, and check out my association membership at the link below.

SWPP wedding photographers guild logo

What can you expect from me?

I’m a friendly and sociable fella, who’d sooner be part of your wedding party than hiding in the corner with a camera. It’s so important to have lots of fun on your wedding day if you want the best photography, but of course I’ll switch any party mode off and be more discrete during the religious ceremony!

It’s all about the love

It may sound cliché but I really do love being a part of ‘the joy’ in every wedding I do. Weddings are quite simply very inspiring to me as a photographer. Whether it’s the emotions of the happy couple, bride and groom, or any other party guest I’m always invested in the moment so I’ll keep snapping away with my cameras. 

The devil’s in the detail

Let’s get the wedding checklist and planning right in advance. I want to make sure I photograph all of the important parts of your wedding without you having to worry about me at all during the wedding. For that reason I’ve put together some useful information and links below to help you plan your wedding and work out where I will fit in as your wedding photographer.

Free chat – No obligation quote

I’m always just a phone call away so don’t hesitate to contact me for a friendly chat about your wedding at any time. If you’d like to meet up in person I’m also more than happy to do this and we can discuss everything ‘photography’ over a cup of tea, coffee and cake too.

Best man drinking at friend's wedding

Planning your wedding day

So you start to think about planning your wedding and quickly realise it’s a huge and ever growing list of things to organise from the venue, hotel and dress through to the catering, cake and videographer.

You had originally thought being a wedding planner was a superfluous job profession but now you’re questioning this, right? Well with this in mind I’m here to make sure worrying about the photography is the last thing on your list.

If you’ve not already started researching has a great planner and wedding checklist to help you get started. 

My calendar does fill up quickly so at this early stage on the checklist I’d typically recommend trying to book me at least 12 months before your wedding to be sure of my availability. The next step is working out the photography running order of your day…

Wedding guests smiling, dancing on shoulders

Help me understand your wedding schedule

You’ve got to have fun so there’s no need to be too militant about the schedule but there’s a lot to fit in on your wedding day so it’s important you have a well organised timeline in place. 

For most of the wedding I’ll be shooting journalistic (un-posed) photography in the background and this won’t interfere with your general schedule at all so you can simply leave me to it. Moving on to the wedding portrait photos however is where we need a little planning…

When do we pose for wedding portraits?

Yes it’s a wedding so you will have to pose for camera at some point, but I promise it will be fun! I will need anything between 60 – 120 minutes of your day in total allocated specially for portrait photography of the bride, groom and groups, so let’s simply plan this in to your schedule.

There are a few different time slots where these photos can work. It will largely depend on your venue, so discuss this with me and I’ll help you plan the most photogenic locations in advance.

It can easily take 20 minutes just to bring 80-100 people together for a single group photo so please bare this in mind when planning for the photography. The best time for a large group photo is usually straight after the ceremony. You might consider versing your celebrant to ask your group to make their way to a photo shoot location at the end of the ceremony if this is the case.

Portrait & Group Photo Planner (.pdf)

Please download my free rough guide above to help you work out the best portrait time(s) for your wedding.

Choosing a picturesque location

It might be you love the setting of the church after the ceremony, or the gardens at the reception venue? Perhaps you’d prefer an indoor photo shoot if your wedding venue is magical inside?

We don’t even need daylight hours… I include artistic off-camera flash photography to capture dramatic portrait photos at any time! Please get in touch to discuss your creative ideas in advance.

Group posing with drinks at wedding

How should I pose for camera?

Bride and groom wedding portrait photos

OK I get it… most people aren’t that comfortable posing to have their photograph taken, but I’ll put you at ease best I can on the day. From joyful, flirty or daft through to incredibly serious poses we’ll get some great photos.

So you’re more prepared for your wedding here’s a useful link to a wealth of wedding couple poses to check out. I’d recommend trying a few of them out with your partner before the wedding.

Group wedding photos

A collection of important groups of people in your life posing for camera… As long as you’re together that’s a group photo but I encourage you to have a laugh try any funny poses you want.

Please download my FREE LIST of group photos below as I’ll need to know which group shots are essential to you before the wedding. It’s very time consuming so I’d strongly recommend keeping the list to a minimum so this process does not impact on the enjoyment of your wedding too much.

Wedding Group Photos List (.pdf)

P.S. It will be a massive help if you can ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen in advance to help round up and direct the groups to the photo shoot location during your wedding. 

Fun photography

These photography opportunities can pop up at any time during the wedding be it during group portraits, or random spontaneous moments.


There’s no need to worry about this before your wedding day but why not check out some of the best funny wedding pose ideas at the link!

Wedding group party through the night on the dance floor

Is advanced flash photography included?

Yes it is included in my photography packages, but what is it I hear you cry? Well to put it simply we’re talking about using techniques beyond simply using one flashgun on top of a camera set in auto mode.

It’s something many wedding photographers will shy away from or charge extra for as it adds a level of complexity to any photo shoot. I always include it as standard because it opens up a world of creative and dramatic photography opportunities at your wedding.

Below are some examples of what I can offer on the day:

Multiple off-camera flashes

Usually tripod-mounted and used both to create more a natural lighting fill on subjects, as well as less natural dramatic lighting styles.

Wedding guest celebrating and partying at event

Colour Filters

Colour gel filters added to individual flashes to create beautiful moods, colourful backdrops and on-trend RGB red-blue portraits. Is your favourite colour purple? No problem I can infuse some purple lighting accents in to your couple portrait photos.

Guest dancing to the music at wedding

Pinpoint Fresnel Lenses

Zoom flash photography great for picking out a subject on the dance floor, or for bride and groom couple portraits. Become the focus of attention in your wedding photo whilst also bringing in your dramatic location. It can also be used to mimic sun beams through windows for your indoor portraits.

Entertainer performing highlighted by spotlight flash photography

Multi strobe and curtain sync

Various firing sequences, speeds and timing of the flash used to capture artistic blur or a sense of motion.

Group dancing and smiling with saxophonist in background

What if it’s raining on my wedding day?

Not a problem… this is the UK after all so I’ll always come prepared. I have water protection gear for my camera, lenses and flashes and some chic translucent wedding umbrellas for you too so we can still shoot the dramatic outdoor portraits you hoped for, so long as you’re feeling brave enough!

Why shouldn’t a heavy dramatic misty day work in your favour? Do you want a confetti storm of H2O surrounding your hilltop kiss? We’ll make it happen!

Wedding Packages Price List

Please find details of my most popular wedding packages. Everything can be tailored to your particular wedding and you can also find more add on package options further down the page. 

Photography Package Extras

It’s already a comprehensive service, but why not top up the a la carte wedding package with even more options below at affordable prices? There are some combo deals available on some options when purchased with one of my wedding packages.

Luxury wedding print and usb presentation box

Presentation box - £99

A beautiful handmade wooden presentation box posted to you. Includes a selection of your best printed wedding photos plus a USB flash stick containing all of your images. Book one of my ten or twelve hour packages and I’ll include this for FREE.

Photography Package Luxury Bundle

If you want all the bells and whistles this luxury wedding photography package is for you! It's my best wedding deal at one low affordable price. Comprehensive all-day photography coverage on your wedding day plus two additional photo shoots (couple engagement and post wedding), one site visit and unlimited consultation and support from me!

What will I need from you before the wedding?

(1) A detailed schedule of your day.
(2) Confirmation of free photography timeslots for couple and group portraits.
(3) A checklist of group photos you’d like me to take.
(4) A list (with profile photos if possible) of any important wedding party members, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Wedding days are very busy affairs, but with all of the information above it will be much easier for me to catch every important photography opportunity. 

Do you travel for destination weddings?

Absolutely I will travel to any destination wedding within the UK. I’m based centrally in Derbyshire giving me relatively local access across Cheshire, Greater Manchester and the rest of the country.

What if you’re not near me?

No problem, as long as you are in the UK I’m happy to travel to your destination wedding subject to a mileage fee at £0.45/mile. Some mileage allowance is included already in my wedding packages. I don’t currently offer my wedding services overseas due to insurance and the travel logistics of moving lots of bulky camera equipment. 

Kind words

More than just a job wedding photography is a vocation for me so your reviews and kind words really mean the world. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything I do. Read more about me.

Sample testimonials

“Not only is Chris a fantastic photographer - he’s also a very talented and caring person. He has a smile that really lifts your spirit so that’s why he simply gets the best out of you and therefore his photographs for you.”

Cath Lawson (Facebook)

“We hired Chris for my daughter’s wedding photography. He did a fabulous job and we’re thrilled with the pictures! They arrived in a beautiful presentation box with a USB stick. Chris was highly professional, would recommend!”

Debbie Wilson (Google Reviews)

Wedding group joking on the dance floor

Wedding Videographer Derbyshire

Hey I don’t just do wedding photography, I love making videos too! If you’re looking for a cinematic short film of your wedding instead then why not check out my service and affordable prices here wedding videographer derbyshire

I offer my videographer services not just across Derbyshire but also Cheshire, Great Manchester and UK wide.

Please note this videographer service can’t be combined with my photography for the same wedding due to time constraints; both are very involving jobs and I’m currently operating as a one-man business. 

Bride and groom entering wedding car with confetti

Get in touch

I’m ready and waiting to hear from you. Please contact me with details of your wedding and destination for a no obligation quote, price or friendly chat.

Thanks for your enquiry!

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