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Property Photographer

Carefully framed, natural, bright images.

First impressions count. Beautiful property photos make all the difference when it comes to attracting buyers or tenants and realising the highest possible price for your home.

Luxury Manchester modern living room interior with carved stone fireplace and crystal chandelier
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Professional photographer for hire

You’re in safe hands. Since 2012 I have specialised in property photography and property video tour production. This is my profession. Furthermore, real estate marketing is a sector I understand on an intrinsic level.

I love what I do, but first and foremost, I’m dedicated to customer satisfaction. Believe it or not client satisfaction means just as much as the money to me. Please check out my growing list of great reviews if you haven’t already done so or read about me.

Accept no shortcuts. My property photography process takes several hours or more per house to deliver the best images possible. Your home deserves it. Ask yourself…

White cottage lounge interior in Prestbury with ceiling beams and wood burner

Do I need professional property photos?

Absolutely! The total value of the UK housing market (in 2021) is estimated to be over £9.2 trillion. Learn more about housing stock record values. In short this means your valuable home deserves and will benefit from; the best marketing.

Let’s delve in to the two most typical uses for professional property photography below...

For selling your house

If great photos of your iPhone will help you achieve a better price for it on eBay, why wouldn’t you do the same for your house?

Your home is by far the most valuable asset you’re ever likely to own. It’s therefore essential that you paint the best first impression of your house to your potential buyers. It all starts with great marketing. First impressions stick and are proven to add value. Based on average UK home values in 2022, a tiny 1% boost in sale price is worth around £2,700 to the home owner!

Advertising your property to let

With great marketing you’ll be sure to improve your occupancy rate and/or demand higher prices from your tenants per night. How many extra bookings would you need to pay off the cost of my services? 

When it comes to Airbnb or holiday rental properties; your tenants don’t have ANY opportunity to view your property in person before they book. It’s therefore even more important to showcase these homes to their full potential online. 

This is your opportunity to paint the perfect impression to your potential clients.

Do you want the ultimate marketing package? Why not also consider my property video tour service? Photo/video combo deals are available at great prices.

Modern black and white kitchen interior in Marple, Manchester

Should I just use my estate agent’s photos?

By all means you can do, and it’s often included ‘for free’ as part of their service. Please bear in mind however that estate agents are typically not professional photographers. With all respect, in many cases they might not have the same level of patience and technical knowledge required to get the very best out of your property.

Understandably, estate agents will often take and edit photos in a relatively hurried manner. They are usually photographing houses within stricter time constraints as photography is not their primary job role.

P.S. If you’re saving the agent a job by using me for your marketing; it might also help you negotiate a cheaper selling fee!

Can I help your estate agency?

I already work with several estate agencies on a repeat basis and welcome your enquiry.

Streamline your operation and contract out the marketing media production to me. I promise to deliver great results every time that will, touch wood, impress your vendors too.

Offering to include ‘professional photography’ is a great way to win an instruction on a valuation, or to add value to your own service. I also offer elevated photography, property video tours and property floor plan services so whatever professional marketing you need; I’ve got you covered!

Interior designer's Victorian lounge with eclectic, rustic scheme and sash window.

What can you expect when hiring me?

I pride myself on being polite, friendly and approachable and enjoy interacting with my clients and adapting to their needs. I appreciate that your property is often a very personal space, so I’ll work my way around your home interior and exterior as unobtrusively as possible on the day.

Having previously worked as a director of an estate agency, I have a deeper knowledge of the property industry than your typical property photographer. This gives me a better understanding of the needs of home owners and estate agents alike.

I combine my extensive experience and friendly nature together with an obsessive attention to detail to deliver a product which I believe is hard to beat.

White cottage lounge rustic interior with double aspect windows in Prestbury, Greater Manchester.

Learn about the art of property photography

So what work goes in to creating a great property photo? Well there’s actually a lot more to it than you might expect.

Here’s a guide to some of the important skills below. 

Staging your home

More than simply visiting your home to snap images, I will start by making sure the staging (presentation) of every room in your house is as good as it can be before any photos are taken. It makes a world of difference to the final images.

Toiletries, towels, pet beds, bins, and laundry are just a handful of household items that can ruin the first impression of a good interior photo. Remember you’re selling a lifestyle to your perspective buyer or tenant. 

Help me help you; please make sure your home is as clean, tidy and de-cluttered as you can before I visit.

Can you add extra finishing touches such as fresh flowers, table dressings, light candles and get your fireplace roaring? These are the extra details that can really add value to your house.

With your consent once I’m onsite; I’ll further tweak positions of home décor and hide additional clutter. I’ll endeavour to put items back where they were once I’ve finished your shoot.

HDR luxury office interior with two workstations and putty colour scheme.

Finding the best angles

I take time and care to frame the most photogenic angles of your home’s interior and exterior.


Patience is essential here; a shift of just a few degrees can make all the difference to the appeal of your photos. I always think about leading lines, geometry and proportions in each image.

Sometimes less is more for a well-balanced interior photo. It is not always about squeezing yourself into the corner of a room just to fit as much as you can in to frame.

Early 18th century gutter detail and stone chimney stack on Yeardsley Hall in Furnace Vale, Peak District.

Focusing on the details

Throwing in one or two ‘arty shots’ are often a great addition to help sell your property and its associated lifestyle.

Wide angle images are great for showing off the size and space of an interior room, but often they fail to highlight interesting details in a scene.

By using a range of telephoto lenses I like to pick out important details or corners of a room that might otherwise be overlooked in a wide-angle photo.  A shallow field of focus also helps to deliver images with an artistic mood, which again help to sell key lifestyle elements of your home.

Beautiful stone-flagged Victorian kitchen interior with stained-glass window and original cast-iron range fireplace in Stockport.


I normally always work with the natural light sources available on site. I will typically need all of your interior lights switched on in order to create a warm, lived-in feel to your photos. I avoid using a flash photography as this has the opposite effect creating cold and unnatural lighting.

Your brightest light source is typically always daylight/sunlight. This represents a big challenge with interior photography where you’re typically shooting straight in to the brightest light source; the windows. Over-exposed windows are an undesirable look. To get around this problem I have to shoot in HDR mode (high dynamic range) and do a lot of editing in post to achieve window pulls and balanced, natural-looking lighting.

Interior lights are usually warm white whilst daylight sources are cool white. Further editing is required in post to manage the white balance differences and create a natural looking image.

Flash photography

As mentioned above, I almost never use flash or ‘flambient’ (hybrid flash) photography techniques. Introducing artificial lighting sources is an easy way to achieve window pulls (where the windows are not over-exposed); however these techniques always create an unnatural shadow cast and cold light effects. 

The Woodlands country home exterior set in stunning gardens, Lower Withington, Cheshire.

Editing in post

Property photos (especially interiors) are by far the most time-consuming type of image to edit well. It will typically take me between 2 to 8 hours to edit a full set of HDR images. This process includes; perspective adjustments, white balance corrections, window pulls, exposure work, contrast balancing, and colour correction.

My service prices

Frequently asked questions

Check out my FAQ page for additional useful information and answers to popular questions.

Impressive Victorian lounge interior in Stockport, South East Manchester with bay windows and marble fireplace.

Top rated service

Customer satisfaction and great reviews are of paramount importance to me. I’d rather go above and beyond to exceed my customers’ expectations wherever possible. This is for my own personal job satisfaction as much as yours. I’m not in this line of work simply to make a quick buck, even if the money does keep me in business.

Luxury white master bedroom interior with Chesterfield sleigh bed in Altrincham, South Manchester.

Some very happy customers

“Chris is the consummate professional, and the photographs he took of my house when I put it up for sale really captured the essence of the property. He is relaxed, unobtrusive, and highly creative. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services, not just for house sales, but for a whole host of other situations that require an eye for detail and great artistic input.”

David Hardy 

“Chris came to our property to take promotional images for our Airbnb website. He was very polite, respectful and worked autonomously without fuss. The images were edited quickly and to the highest of standards. We are extremely delighted with the results, they are better than we could have imagined. Chris will certainly be hired by us again.”

Andrew Duncan

“Chris took the photos of my house prior to it going on the market. He spent time creating the images, and unlike some estate agents photos they give a true representation of the property, which has led to much interest in the house. Thanks Chris, you were a true professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Helen Chambers

Check out many more reviews at the link.

Grey, pink and blue designer girl's bedroom interior Regent Road, Manchester.

Get in touch

Please contact me today if you’re interested in any of my property media services. If using the contact form, I’ll endeavour to get back to you within one working day with a no-obligation quote. Alternatively feel free to call me for a friendly chat.

Photo Gallery

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