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Watch My House on BBC1

True story! Tune in to Escape To The Country at 3:00pm on Monday 27th September 2021 and you'll be able to see inside The Old Pack Horse.

A labour of love... I've been renovating this former pub over the last few years so it's very exciting to see the house getting a few minutes of fame. Let's hope it's mostly good press.

As part of the renovation I've tried to make the interior as interesting as possible with lots of bespoke items created from light fittings through to clocks.

The presenter decided to do a featurette in the show on some of these items, lets see if it makes the final cut.

It was a pleasure to meet the Jules and the rest of the team, and with a shared interest in video production I even got to pick up a few tips along the way.

The Old Pack Horse will be the first house in the new series of Escape to the Country so tune in to find out more. I must admit I'm slightly nervous to know what the final opinion will be!

"So here we are at your first property"

Hugo wanted to be in every shot! Will he be on TV?

Team Stance! Me and Jules just hanging out.

Scroll on to take a closer look at the photos of my finished house.

You can also find out more about the renovation project here if you're interested: Old Pack Horse

The front of this 300 year old house, it's easy to bang your head in the doorways... recommended height 5'7" or less

Possibly our favourite bedroom, with bespoke four-poster bed effect lighting and stone reveal

Blending mod with traditional

Welcome to Fhloston Paradise... Not quite as modern as The Fifth Element of course but there is some hidden tech in here like Alexa controlled lighting and a remote controlled blind!

Not so paradise - a before shot of the grey & yellow bedroom

Those cast iron rads are crazy heavy

My favourite doorway took many hours to fashion

Making a feature of the entrance hall with a bespoke candle sconce / property birth year. Bespoke Kilner jar lighting leads the eye in to the archway

Keeping a more traditional feel in the lounge just with a few alt/mod twists

Can't beat this in the winter

The chest makes a great coffee table and Blu-ray storage in one

I'm lucky to have such a nice office / music room

A cosy eating nook, trying to recreate some 'old pub vibes'. A cheeky glimpse of my favourite piece of furniture too, the antique court cupboard which has a chandelier above made from a school desk inkwell

A tub with a countryside view!

My actual ancestors Mary & John haunt the staircase in style with Victorian top hat lighting completing their regal vibe

My favourite bespoke light switch! Reminds me of Goonies treasure

Essential pub storage

The rear garden in the glory of mid-summer

With automatic lighting to make best of the winter months

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