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Washout Wedding in Fernilee

Bride and groom hold hands in the church, looking in to each others eyes with priest and crucifix behind them

That's right... it was forecast to rain all day on 14th July 2023, and rain it certainly did. The weather however didn't stop the bride and groom from having a great time!

This wedding was an intimate affair. The party comprised of just ten people, including the stars of the show Alice and Matthew. I think these smaller weddings work so well as the bride and groom get to spend more quality time with the people they're closest to.

Photographed over just a four hour period, this is a nice example of what memories can be captured with my half-day wedding photography package.

P.S. Scroll down to the bottom of this blog for a link to download all the images.

Bride and groom make a funny pose with hands in the air in the rain under an umbrella

Exterior view of Fernilee Methodist Church on a rainy day

The day started a Fernilee Methodist Church, with a great ceremony which lasted around one hour.

I think it was raining pretty much every minute I was outside taking photos. Don't worry if bad weather is forecast for your big day; I always have wet weather gear for my cameras and umbrellas for the bride and groom at the ready.

Wedding guest arriving at the church with flowers for the wedding

Close up of flowers, bible and crucifix inside Fernilee Methodist Church

Groom and priest in conversation inside Fernilee Methodist Church

Matthew discusses music to play from his phone with the priest ahead of Alice's arrival.

Close up of Church Window with sunflowers on the window shelf

Groom looks back down the isle towards his bride

Bride's father hands over his daughter at the end of the Church isle

Groom looking in to the eyes of his bride

Bride looking affectionately in to the eyes of her groom

View of congregation with bride and groom out of focus in the foreground

Alice and Matthew holding hands looking in to each other's eyes

Father of the bride

Bride inside Fernilee Methodist Church

Priest blessing the wedding rings

The priest blesses the wedding rings.

Bride putting the groom's wedding ring on his finger

Bride and groom embrace after exchanging wedding rings

Witness signs the marriage certificate with Alice and Matthew in the foreground

Bride signing the marriage certificate

Priest takes a photo on his phone of the bride, groom and congregation

Newly married couple pose for their first photo inside the church

Wedding guests throw hands in the air and smiling behind the bride and groom outside the church

Alice and Matthew leaving the church together

Bride and groom's hands embracing mum's baby bump

A brave time to get married! Alice and Matthew's baby was due just 9 days after the wedding. Cue a picture of the 'family of three' to be.

Alice and Matthew pose under their umbrella in front of Fernilee Reservoir

If anything, the bad weather made the photoshoot even more fun.

Married couple kissing in front of lake

Married couple posing on Fernilee reservoir dam

Groom folding away umbrella

Groom placing umbrella in car boot

Interior window of Old Hall Inn, Whitehough

After the ceremony, it was on to The Old Hall Inn in Whitehough, Chinley. The party had booked a private room there which was ideal for this occasion. Personally I think the Old Hall is hard to beat when it comes to food quality as well as being a beautiful venue.

Wedding guest on the phone

With Alice and Matthew running unexpectedly late to the Inn, a phone call was made to check on progress. It turned out the infamous A6 traffic was to blame.

In my head however, the image above captures an important call to a mafia boss.

Wedding party pose for photo in front of dinner table

Flower arrangement on top of dinner table

Wedding guest smiling

Married couple arriving at Old Hall Inn for wedding breakfast

The happy couple finally arrived, not too waterlogged.

Bride posing for camera

Two-tiered white wedding cake with white rose detailing

Matthew pouring champagne at the dinner table

The groom pours out the champagne ahead of the father of the bride making his speech.

Father of the bride giving his speech at the diner table

Father of the bride smiling

Close up of champagne glasses being toasted over the centre of the dinner table

Bride and groom with their parents

Married couple pose on their wedding day under umbrellas in front of lake

Congratulations again to the happy couple.

View or download the full set of wedding photos from Alice & Matthew's wedding at the link below (password required):

Thanks for browsing, please do check out the rest of my blogs for more wedding examples.

I'm a professional film maker and photographer available for hire. If you have a wedding coming up why not check out my wedding film or wedding photography services.

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Jan 25

Capturing the moments and atmosphere perfectly and with superb clarity (rain and all !!!).

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