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A Perfect Pizza Party

Two kids pull faces for camera at the bottom of an inflatable slide

Well this was a house warming party with a difference. Why I hear you ask? Well the great entertainment put on by the hosts was one factor.

To celebrate both the family's move to the Cheshire countryside, as well as a birthday party, we had bouncy castles, garden games, hired bar service and a live saxophonist. Last but not least all the wood-fired pizza you could eat; courtesy of the amazing Dagi Pizza.

A great atmosphere, with fun had by every age group.

Party VIPs please scroll to the bottom of this blog for a link. From there you can download all of the images (password required).

Family group portrait with white balloons in the background

Cheeky kid hiding in bouncy castle

Couple pose on a wooden bridge

Three party goers pose with pistol hands

Blackboard bar sign

Saxophonish MJDJ Sax performing

Lady dancing holding arms in the air

Young girl posing for camera

Boy in mid-air on a bouncy castle

Kids bouncy castle in the rain

The heavens opened at one point, leaving most to run for cover.

This didn't deter the kids though, many of whom enjoyed the novelty of getting soaked.

Boy wearing headphones looking in to the distance

Illuminated pizza sign

Pizza chef holding pizza

Boy and girl in red shirts

friends gathered sat on garden furniture

Man scrolling on his mobile phone

Girl smiling on a bouncy castle

Man smiling at a party wearing floral shirt

Two ladies dancing outside

As soon as the storm cleared, the garden patio turned in to a dancefloor with MJDJ Sax making it happen on the decks. Clearly the kids had the best dance moves.

DJ performing live on MacBook

Kids dancing outside

Young girl dancing on garden patio

Two boys sliding down an inflatable slide

Outdoor inflatable play zone with kids playing

Mother and son playing garden games

Lady smiling amongst friends

Young boy posing for camera in rock and roll stance

Two young girls chatting on the sofa

Two men drinking together outside

Three adults chatting in a garden

Two young boys laughing together

Large wall mounted indoor digital picture frame

'All you need is love' neon sign

Saxophonist next to mixing desks

Several friends playing garden target games

Yellow and pink 30th birthday cake

Mother and son cutting birthday cake together

Party guests gathered to watch cake cutting

View of family home and gardens in Cheshire with party guests

Married couple pose together on a garden bridge

Thanks again to the hosts for hiring me.

View or download the full set of party photos at the link below (password required):

I'm a professional film maker and photographer available for hire. If you have a party coming up coming up that you'd like me to cover please get in touch.

From documentary filmmaking through to wedding photography; Check out all of my creative services here!

If you don't know me please check out my growing list of five star reviews for peace of mind.

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