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Boom! What a Birthday Party!

It's the 5th November 2022 and David and Jo have hired out non other than the stately home of Capesthorne Hall near Macclesfield, Cheshire for a double birthday party celebration. What ensued was a spectacular night of fine dining, fireworks and live music. A really special and memorable evening.

On this blog you'll find a highlight reel of favourite photos and more. At the bottom of the page there's a link to download and browse all 200+ photos from the night!

The approach to Capesthorne Hall was spectacular at night with the building specially lit up with purple mood lighting and flaming turrets.

The stunning reception rooms were perfect spaces for all the guests to chat and drink before going through to the dining hall.

This chap provided some great acoustic covers to keep guests entertained, before the rest of his band arrived to perform a more upbeat set later in the night!

The two stars of the show... David and Jo.

Everyone in full flow enjoying the three course meal in the dining hall!

The firework display was quite something. No naff Catherine wheels of sparklers here... a pro team launched this display from the other side of the lake next to the hall.

David tests his jokes repertoire whilst thanking everyone for coming.

The procession across to the party corner!

The band lit up the dancefloor with some great covers.

10 out of 10 squad pose technique.

What a venue. What a party.

Download all the photos from the event here: Capesthorne Party 2022

Thanks for checking out my blog and I'll see you at the next one!

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