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High Peak Wildlife Photos

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Ba ba snap sheep... If you're looking for a great photographer, I'm out standing in my field.

Actually just some photos taken for fun whilst out on a walk.

But seriously, if you're located in the High Peak District, Derbyshire and looking for a photographer or videographer for hire near ewe give me a call today!

From pet photos through to wedding video services I love what I do! Why not learn more about all of my photographer and videographer services here. I work throughout Derbyshire and indeed UK wide.

Two sheep pose for camera in grass field

Framing a nice portrait photo of a couple of wild animals is not really much different to portrait photography of humans. However, they don't speak English. So whilst getting their attention is easy giving them exact instructions on how to pose is impossible.

Pair of scruffy wool sheep in grass field with reeds

Candid photography of people, wildlife or pets is my favourite as it tends to tell more of a true story of the subject matter. Certainly wildlife makes this type of photo easier as they are not self-conscious or camera-aware.

Single sheep and wildlife in green field on a summer's day

I used a telephoto lens to photograph all of these images. It's a great way of getting close to the action without spooking the subject of course. Telephoto lenses also add increasing amounts of compression to the field of view in the image space which really draws you in to the photo, whilst also enhancing the depth of field for some sweet shallow focus which helps to isolate the subject matter.

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