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Sports Event Photographer For Hire

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Grassroots plays 4G!

It's a warm sunny morning 9am Saturday 19th June and D&C Athletic football club are about to kick off against St Marys FC in a friendly football match.

Despite being a grassroots Sunday league team they got to play on Macclesfield Town FC's home ground in Cheshire which boasts a perfect 4G surface... ideal for D&C's tiki-taka playing style! Such a historic event had to be caught on camera.

If you need an event photographer for your own sporting occasion give me a call today!

Lots of fight from the D&C team, but sadly no win. Much fun had by all though and captured in photos, check out my sports event photography below.

From unique wedding videos through to football photography I love what I do! Why not learn about all of my creative services here.

Two tired footballers walking off pitch at half time, black and white image

Ricky contemplates what went wrong for the lads

Close up of referee wearing yellow top on football pitch looking at player

Nice pic of the ref, does anyone want to send him this?

Line of exhausted footballers walking off pitch

Ben reflects

Player/manager Martyn Barlow giving team talk to players

Manager Martyn gives his pre-match team talk

D&C Athletic player kicking football downfield

Not just a manager, Martyn also has a lovely kicking action

Footballers jump for header in the box during a corner kick

The Andes are always the highest mountain range in East Cheshire

Dan holds ball over back of head about to take a throw in.

Dan can pick out anyone within 15 yards

Close up of footballers' legs in a line during warm up routine

Pre-match warm up essential, especially when you're over 30

Portrait of of D&C players posing for camera with family and children

Four out of five smiles ain't bad

Player Chris Hesketh dribbling at speed with the football

Heskey lad demonstrates why he's one of D&C's fastest players

Dan Iddon going in for tackle against opposition on Macc Town Football pitch

Crunching tackles are Dan's favourite

Jordan in conversation with other teammates during warm up

Jordan is cool, relaxed and looking forward to the match. Wears shirt by Domyos. Shorts by Hummel

Football teammates laughing at Macclesfield Town F.C.

Pre-match banter

Bar Twenty Seven at Macc Town Football Club

Win or lose... the bar awaits

Footballer mid-strike and in mid-air during shooting practice

Jordan demonstrates superior shooting technique during the warm up

Central defender pressing striker on the ball on 4G pitch

Andy Barlow had a tough job at the back pressing some rapid strikers

Andrew Barlow clearing the ball from the central defensive line

Barlow runs the defence

Footballer holding and kissing his young son at full time

Family Stadium at Macc Town FC

Macclesfield Town Football Club stadium, Cheshire, UK

D&C Athletic players in a circle doing warm up routine on pitch pre-match.

Pre-match passing practice

Kick off time with the football on the centre spot

Kick off

Striker skips passed the D&C Athletic defender to go through on goal

Andrew Ashcroft, AKA 'Ash', but also known as one of 'The Andes' because of his great height and centre back paring with another Andrew; Andy Barlow

Andrew Ashcroft on the ball for D&C Athletic

Ash played another blinder, showing off some cheeky skills to breeze past a couple of opponents in the first half.

Black and white image of two D&C Athletic players leaving the pitch

I don't know why Chris is still taking photos

Captain passing the football past opposition

James demonstrates a slide-rule pass

D&C captain controls the ball in midfield

More great composure on the ball from D&C's captain

Scott photographed mid-kick passing the ball forward

Scott takes control in midfield with another great pass

Footballers playing friendly match on Macc Town's 4G pitch

Heskey again outpaces the competition to play a killer pass

Three players all challenging for the football

Teamwork makes the dream work

Chris Jolley is a sports event photographer near me located in High Peak, Derbyshire. Available to hire to photograph your event now servicing Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire.

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