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Videographer Services | Manchester & the North West

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

To celebrate the pending release of my new cinematic property video tours I've animated my logo over the last few days... look out for it in my pending promotional videos!

So we've just started our second lockdown here in the UK. Under these restrictive & difficult times the power of video has become even more prevalent, but it must be done well in order to add value to your property or business... otherwise it can have the opposite effect.

Keeping within government safety guidelines luckily I am still able to work during this period. Putting some quiet time to use I thought why not animate my logo!

Camera, microphone and laptop in recording studio

Here's a behind the scenes look at the recording process for my latest animated logo project... it's all authentic camera sounds and pencil scribbles I recorded for the audio too. I probably should have just downloaded some free soundbites off the web... that would have been much faster.

Video editing software on computer screenshot

I'm a professional film maker with over ten years experience creating videos for real estate marketing, business promotion and weddings.

Video creation is not just about filming some pretty scenes. As a solo marketing agency I'm comfortable with the entire production process which includes:

  • Understanding your story, product or property.

  • Interacting with you to fully understand your brief.

  • Storyboarding your video concept both before and after filming and production.

  • Rapport building with your clients or on-camera talent to ensure positive scene performances and engagement.

  • Managing scene staging, lighting and presentation.

  • On location studio-grade audio recording for various recording environments.

  • Filming artistic and varied video footage.

  • Cutting and editing raw footage to timelines.

  • Mastering and colour grading of video files.

  • Special effects and graphics.

  • Final mastering and product delivery.

Three climbers testing rope gear at the foot of a mountain

What type of videos can you produce?

  • Product explainer videos.

  • Business service explainer videos.

  • Testimonials and interviews.

  • Cinematic action wedding videos.

  • Property virtual tours.

  • Promo and promotional video.

  • Commercial or corporate movies.

  • General video editing and production services working with your existing film.

  • Home movie editing and production.

And because I operate as a solo marketing agency my overheads are lower meaning great prices for my customers.

Business owner interview close-up camera headshot

If you'd like to find out more about my range of creative video production and editing services please find out more here: Videographer near me. Alternatively please check out all of my photographer and videographer services. I work throughout Greater Manchester, Cheshire and UK wide.

If you like what you see:

Contact me today for my price lists or just a friendly chat.

Wedding group confetti storm portrait


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